Friday, May 18, 2012

Mayven loves a pretty sissy boy toy

Oh how I love a pretty sissy in full bloom.  You know you were meant to be my sissy boy student slut don't you?  I mean really, you're not fooling anyone.  We all see right through your facade and you only think we all see a man.  Truly, everyone, and especially me, sees right through that silliness.  You're a girl.  You just need the right training, and that's where I com in.

My name is Mistress Mayven, and I specialize in turning dirty little whores like yourself into champion cock sucking queens!  First we'll start with all that nasty hair on your body.  It must be shaved, waxed and plucked in preparation for your debut.  Then we'll take care of that quaff on top of your head.  It will be so pretty and silky by the time I'm finished, you'll start to wonder how you ever lived any other way.  Dainty underthings and a sexy outfit topped with jaw-dropping makeup and we'll be able to start on your walk and talk!

That's right, sissy boy phone sex with me will run the gamut. You'll be fully trained before I present you as one of my skillful little sluts!  And once you're trained by the best, you'll be the hottest little hussy around and studs will come from miles away for a taste of your candy.  Of course, they'll need to get through me first.  After all, you are my little sissy boy toy.

Call your Mistress Mayven for full service feminization phonesex now!  We both know you want to.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ravena loves small cock . . . to laugh at! LOL

PATHETIC! That's what you are. I need a big cock. A fat cock. Not some worthless little worm like you have between your legs. Or do you have something that more resembles a little button. Gross. lol You really should be ashamed, you know. Do you know why I love small cock humiliation phone sex? Because I get to tell you exactly what I think, and I get to contribute to the world of idiot men realizing that size DOES matter. Anyone who tells you differently is lying or has a tiny pussy. Yes, even if your wife tells you that you're sufficient she is lying. She must either love you a whole lot or she is getting real dick on the side. . . . Or both! haha.

I'm sorry to say, but having a small dick makes you less of a man. It makes you a wallet to me. It makes you VERY unsatisfying. I mean seriously, if I can finger myself better than you can fuck me, why the fuck should I bother with you? You need to hear this. In fact, you want to hear this. You've known it was true and thank goodness you've developed a taste for small cock humiliation because then at least you can satisfy the bitch in me by listening to me degrade and shame you. It is so much fun for me, so call me to serve your minuscule purpose.

Friday, March 2, 2012

MILF Mary Ann for little sissies!

Are you ready to be my pretty little dolly girl? I just love turning you into the sexy slut sissy boy you know you've always wanted to be. We'll start at the beginning. If you want to be a smooth pretty girl that will drive the men wild, we'll need to get rid of that unsightly body hair won't we? It's the price of beauty, slut.

After we have you all waxed and plucked we'll do the smelly lotion. That's right, I don't miss a thing. When you've been a phonesex MILF for as long as I have, you know to get every detail. After the lotion, it's the really fun part . . . makeup! You're not going to recognize yourself when I'm finished with you.

With the makeup applied with perfection, we'll move on to your hair. You'll either have grown your own long luxurious hair for this very thing, or I will use a wig or extensions. Either way, you'll feel that tickle on the back of your neck and back when your silky hair brushes against your bare skin.

And speaking of bare skin, it's time to get dressed! Silk stockings, lacy panties and matching bra, garters, and of course a sexy number to die for with the hottest heals you can imagine and you'll be ready.

"Ready for what?" you might wonder. Well, that's why you're going to have to call me. If you think my detail in writing is interesting, just wait until you hear my voice and witness my mind running free. Sissy boy phone sex is my specialty. I'm mature and well seasoned. I know just what pretty little sluts like you need, so call now and ask for Mary Ann.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reggie's black cock is what you want.

You want humiliation phone sex? I'm your stud. Really, why should we kid ourselves? You're a little faggot and you want fat juicy black cock rammed down your throat, and I want to fuck the shit out of that tight asshole of yours. You haven't had gay humiliation phonesex until you've had Reggie fill you with a thick load of man seed. I'm black and I'm hung like a horse. Can you take it all? Call and we'll see what a good bitch boy you can be.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Worship Beautiful Goddess Monique

That's right slave.  Drop to your knees when you're in my presence.  You will either scoot on your knees, crawl or squirm, but you will never walk upright.  You are a man, and men are weak, pathetic slaves born to worship the perfection that is a Goddess.  Do you feel small and insignificant yet?  You are, you know.  

I am every bit as capable in controlling you as a phone sex domination Mistress as I am capable in my real life.  You'll be amazed at how you want nothing more than to worship and serve me.  At times, you'll wonder how I'm able to control you so easily merely through phonesex.  When you wonder I may challenge you to break my hold over you, but you will fail and I will laugh at your pathetic attempt to escape.  

You are mine now, slave.  You will do as I please.  You will worship my body in any way I see fit, and believe me there are many ways to worship my gorgeous body.  Of course there are the basics.  My delicious toes and feet, my luscious legs, my exquisite ass, my perfect tits and my overall beauty.  But you will worship everywhere in between as well, and in ways you never imagined.  All the while I will have my way with your body as well.  Of course, not in the same manner.  Yours will be a course in humiliation, domination, degradation and obedience.

Do you have your phone in hand yet?  Call now and ask for Goddess Monique.